ZipMail Real-Time V12 For Microsoft Exchange

Reduce the volume of your MS Exchange email traffic (by 45% on average) by natively optimizing XML (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) and image (JPG, PNG, GIF etc.) attached files and zipping other attached files in the emails routed by your MS Exchange servers.

Since DOCX, XLSX and PPTX attached files as well as JPG and other attached image files optimized by ZipMail remain in their native format, ZipMail Real-Time is 100% transparent for the recipients of the optimized files.

Installed and configured in minutes, ZipMail Real-Time operates fully transparently.

The Zipmail Real Time monitor enables to display the cumulated volume savings in real time.

ZipMail Real-Time runs on your MS Exchange (2007 to 2013) servers and optimizes or zip-compresses, in real time, the files attached to the inbound / outbound routed emails (including in inbound SMTP/MIME emails).

By significantly reducing the volume of your email traffic, ZipMail RT reduces the needs for Microsoft Exchange and SMTP network bandwidth as well as the needs for Microsoft Exchange server storage.

ZipMail XML native optimization (for DOCX, XLSX, PPTX files) and image file native optimization (for JPG, PNG, GIF and other image files) deliver volume savings that are out of reach for network compression and network compression appliances as well as for any third-party storage compression solutions that are all unable to significantly reduce the size these files.

Complementary to ZipMail Real-Time, the source volume reduction approach of ZipMail Client:
If you need to implement Microsoft Exchange volume reduction solutions at the source, please have a look at our ZipMail Client for Microsoft Outlook software. ZipMail Client performs on-the fly automatic and transparent optimization or compression of the files attached by the users to their Microsoft Outlook emails at the time the files are attached, thus reducing the volumes of the files to be attached before they even reach your messaging environment.
When using ZipMail Client for all of your Microsot Outlook users, you save, on the top of the MS Exchange storage savings, huge amount of network bandwidth, since the MS Outlook attached files (as well as pasted images) are sent optimized or compressed to the Exchange servers. In this case, ZipMail Real-Time is still useful to optimize or compress the attached files found in all of the emails coming from outside your organization.


Evaluation Copy - Try ZipMail Real-Time for yourself!

Please don't hesitate to see for yourself, get a fully functional evaluation version of ZipMail Real-Time. It takes only 10-15 minutes to install and to have your Domino server compressing the attached files and optimizing the copied and pasted images in all of the incoming and outgoing emails!

Kindly contact us if you have questions, we'll be most pleased to answer.

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